Sunday, June 8, 2008

In London...

Well, we're back in London at home on Allen Street.

The flight from Atlanta was uneventful. We zipped through passport control and collected our bags immediately. We then took the Gatwick Express and tube to High Street Kensington. As expected, our flat was ready since yesterday. Today has mostly been a matter of getting ourselves settled. We had lunch at the West Cornwall Pasty Company (simply sublime as usual -- assuming a Cornish "hot pocket" can be sublime). We went grocery shopping at the new Whole Foods (wonderful & huge, but pricey especially after converting £ to $) -- tomorrow night, I'll be making a proper Mexican dinner (something we've found difficult to successfully dine out for in London). Why Mexican in London? Why not?

Well, we're off to dinner now... somewhere on High Street Kensington.

Tomorrow should be more eventful, as we'll be getting out and about in London.

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Dad said...

We were glad to hear your trip was uneventful. That is the way to have them! Now, exploring London you go; it is one of the more exciting cities in the world. But then, you knew that!
We are really enjoying the news. And thanks for the picture.
Love, Dad