Monday, June 30, 2008

George Carlin

One of the interesting side effects of an overseas vacation, and perhaps especially so of a cruise vacation, is that it's easy to get "unplugged" from the news of the day. As such, I was unaware of George Carlin's death until last night when I saw a promotion on CNN for a special Larry King tribute re-run. How very unfortunate!

As I acknowledged the death of Tim Russert on the blog (which I did hear of while we were gone), I thought it only appropriate to mention George Carlin, who I'd have to say is a greater loss to me personally. Indeed, George Carlin is my favorite comedian and it's difficult to imagine someone taking his place in my esteem. Sadly, it seems that much of the news coverage has focused on his fame (or infamy?) vis-a-vis his "Seven Dirty Words" routine. That's not to say that Carlin's routines can't be viewed as highly offensive. Yet, his perspective (on issues large and small) was unique, his mastery of language superb, and his delivery flawless. While I didn't agree with all of his views (though I sided with him in the majority of cases), it was his rhetorical skills that I most admired and marveled at... indeed, one might even say I've studied his work. And, though I'm certainly no George Carlin, I'd like to think some of my language skills are borrowed--at least in small ways--from him.

George Carlin was a comedic genius, who's wit always exceeded his filth.

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George Carlin said...

There is a problem with the term "have a nice day": it puts all the pressure on you. Now you have to go out and somehow arrange to have a positive experience. All because of some loose-lipped clerk.

"Have a nice day", indeed! Maybe I don't like feel like having a nice day. Maybe—just maybe—I've had 27 nice days in a row and I'm ready for a crappy day. You never hear that, do you?

"Have a crappy day!"
"Why, thank you. Right back at ya!"

A crappy day, that would be easy. No trouble at all. No planning involved. Just get out of bed and start moving around.