Wednesday, June 4, 2008

3 Days To Go...

The start of packing went very well tonight. We're nearly finished and still have plenty of room in the suitcases. I wouldn't exactly call our packing "light," but I suspect when compared to what many would bring on a 23-day vacation with a 14-day cruise it's nearly non-existent.

In other news, my new camcorder showed up today. I ordered it last minute on a bit of a lark. It's actually last year's Cannon MiniDV model (ZR850) and was really cheap. Despite the low price, it has some decent features, including support for recording low resolution photos and videos to SD memory cards (in addition to the normal video to the MiniDV format). This might allow me to easily add some photos (or even video) to the blog on the cheap while traveling. I can also connect it directly to the PC via firewire (IEEE 1394) for video editing. It records video in widescreen format, which is great for our LCD TVs. I played with it tonight -- the video and sound quality is respectable... the optical zoom is great (though a tripod is basically required to keep it steady out towards 35x) Best of all, the camcorder is actually small enough to stick in the front pocket of my pants.

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