Friday, June 27, 2008

En route to London

We are now on the train back to London Waterloo. Disembarkation was very smooth... no queues or hold-ups. We did the "express" option that allows you to leave "whenever" between 6am and 9am.

We took a taxi to the station with the most dishonest taxi driver of the entire vacation (and perhaps of any vacation)! He tried to get us to have him drive us to London or the airport, because "no trains would be available until after 10:30 due to the early morning commuter rush." He said they "wouldn't let us on." He then related a story of a poor, misfortunate couple who missed their flight because they didn't take his advice. Hogwash! He shut up quickly when I said, "is that so? Well, no matter, we are just heading back to London for a few days anyway." He also failed to use his meter, so I didn't start reaching for my wallet until after our luggage was safely on the curb. Then I said sharply, "I believe that will be a fiver? That's what I paid on the way in, including tip." He grunted his agreement. What a buffoon!

Note: in my experience, this is very uncommon in England as most cabbies have been honest to a fault. I expect it must be hard to make a living driving a taxi in Southampton. Nonetheless, dishonesty is dishonesty, and I simply do not tolerate it. I think fellow travelers will be fine. This is just another reason to do your homework in advance and know what o'clock it really is.

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