Friday, June 6, 2008

1 Day To Go...

Well, I started the day with a 37-item "To Do" list. I've managed to finish 30 tasks and only have 7 smallish items to go. Given that, I'm feeling pretty good about preparations for the trip. I have finally finished all of my work related items. The desk is clear! Now, I have just a few last minute packing and house chores remaining.

Libby has also wrapped up the school year. Given the duration of our trip, she won't be around to oversee summer school this year. But, I suspect that she'll have a very busy July getting ready for the 08-09 school year. While we're away, school "grades" should come out as well -- that's always a big deal for administrators.

The canine kids (Annie [above] and Harley [below] -- pictured on the stairs at our former home) are now off at my Mom's house. I'd feel worse about leaving them, but I honestly think they enjoy spending the day with Mom and Pop (my grandfather) more than at home with me anyway. Because I'm busy throughout the day, they're largely ignored and usually banished from my office lest Harley disrupt my meetings (Annie is deaf and thus seldom barks). However, with Mom and Pop they have a far more captive audience... Annie's usually glued to Pop's lap, and Harley has my mother well-trained on disbursing treats and food. So, our departure isn't exactly a hardship on them. :-)

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