Tuesday, June 3, 2008

4 Days To Go...

We didn’t do much travel preparation today. I spent most of the day addressing work related matters and late this evening following the election coverage. As this is a travel-related blog, I won’t mention the fact that I was very pleased to see Barack Obama win the Democratic Party’s nomination for POTUS. Such overt political statements would be inappropriate. So, I’ll refrain from making such comments here. :-)

Tomorrow night, we’ll finish up laundry and start packing the suitcases.


Bob said...

Paul, Are you kidding about Obama? Give me a break. Surely you are relishing the beating McCain is going to give him in the fall. This will be a very interesting summer campaign fight.

Oh yeah... Have good cruise. England has Gordy B. and we have B.O.

Have a safe trip. Coop

Paul said...

What can I say? (shrug)

I'm an under-35, over-educated, latte-drinking, Europe-traveling elitist. ;-)

Alan said...

Paul, you forgot "effete".

Have a great trip!

Wendy said...

Paul, I enjoyed your pro-Obama comments.

Of course, I am a just-over-35, over educated, latte-drinking, would-be-Europe-traveling elitist. ;)