Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cruise Day #13, Dinner at Teppanyaki

[Note: I didn’t post either of the “Cruise Day #13” updates last evening, because I was having a difficult time writing. The sea was “rough” (according to the televised Ship’s Log with 7.5 to 12 foot waves) and the winds were at 25 knots. Considering the fact that this cruise has been incredibly smooth, I hadn’t had a chance of getting my “sea legs” yet and typing was starting to make me green. This morning, seas are still “rough” but it’s more of a gentle swell than white caps and the wind is down to 14 knots. I’m also doing much better.]

Last night, we had dinner at Teppanyaki ($25/pp. surcharge, 2-for-1 at first group seating). This is NCL Jade’s version of Japanese steakhouse at sea complete with knife-yielding, shtick-playing chefs at a group table. If you’ve been to this sort of thing, it’s very similar to the land-based version… just no flame-based table-side tricks (for obvious reasons). The food was very good -- a bit more tasty than any of the 3 such establishments we’ve been to on land. Everyone at the table started with miso soup and a seaweed salad. We were able to select from a choice of entrees (beef, chicken, seafood, vegetarian, etc.). Everyone also gets grilled vegetables and fried rice. Dessert was fresh fruit sashimi. Overall, I found it to be a bit more flavorful.

The only downside to this experience is that you end up eating at a table of complete strangers (unless you go with a group). I generally hate having to do that, especially when I’m on vacation (as by nature I’m a rather private and somewhat anti-social sort of person – which many people don’t believe about me, but is nonetheless my true inclination). Fortunately, our table was mostly made up of quiet, “keep-to-yourself” couples… making for a somewhat awkward but not unpleasant social situation.

We’d intended on seeing the comedian’s show last night followed by the NCL Jade’s “goodbye” presentation. However, the motion of the ocean deadened my spirits. In the end, we ended up watching the movie Stranger than Fiction (weird but good) and went to bed early (myself with a Dramamine chaser).

Tomorrow’s our last day aboard the Norwegian Jade. We’re at sea all day en route to Southhampton.


Jacqueline said...

Glad to hear you are having fun. I lost the blog link and found it again. I have read each post and sounds like a great trip. 12 ft waves isn't that bad. My brother was in 50 foot seas in south Pacific strapped into a harness in between bulkhead opening. That's why Navy is an adventure. Wishing you smooth sailing the rest of the trip, which is only one day. :)

resurgam said...

thank you for the blog I found a link to it on cruise critic and have the fortunate pleasure of Sailing on Jade in August with my Family. You discriptive information has been informative, funny and a joy to read.

Paul said...

Yes, the seas are indeed smoother now. I know 12 foot waves aren't bad... but I'm not by any stretch of the imagination an experienced sailor. I am, however, an expert in turning green... which, thankfully, is a good color for me. :-)