Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cruise Day #3, Happy Father’s Day!

Since we’re traveling, we didn’t have a chance to spend the day with Libby’s father and my grandfather. So, consider this a temporary “Happy Father’s Day” until we get home to have a proper celebration.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad and Pop!

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Dad said...

Thanks for the Father's Day greeting. As you probably know, I am one of those fathers who knows he is greatly blessed by his children. I will always see both of you as my life's joy.
When the wild turkeys and all the rest of us birds come home to roost in Quail Hollow, we can look out the French doors across the veranda and raise a toast. It will be to moms who reared such great children and to the fathers who supported their hopes and dreams.
Love, Dad

PS Years before I became a father, I asked a wise man what I could do to help my children. He said, "Love their mother."