Saturday, June 7, 2008

Departure Day -- To The Airport

Well, after much wringing of my hands, it turns out we had more than enough room in our luggage for everything. Indeed, the smaller roll-aboard suitcase is basically empty. In fact, once we get past the usual fandango at the airport security checkpoint, I'm going to put the entire "electronics backpack" (which holds the laptop, camera, and camcorder) inside the roll-aboard for easier transiting around the airport.

All in all, it's not too bad for 23 days worth of sh... oh that's right, this is a family blog... 23 days worth of stuff. :-)

Mom should be arriving in a little over an hour to take us to the airport.


Lena Peak said...

And away we go. . .your wonderful blog makes me feel as though I'm tucked inside one of those roll-aboards! Have a terrific adventure!

Dad said...

Bon Voyage, World Travelers!
I liked the picture of the luggage. I asked Harley where his luggage was, and he said that he was not taking much. He told me he was going to buy clothes as he went along. For instance, you know that street in Rome on the way to the Spanish Steps? He plans to do some fervent shopping when you travel to the Gallaria. He also has some ideas about another street in London called Jermyn Street. I heard him mumbling something like, "Charles Tyrwitt, here I come!"
The retailers in Europe are going to like Harley. You better keep an eye on him in Barcelona. Months from now you might find an olive tree delivered to your door. I told him about such a possibility, and I think it captured his imagination enormously. He is thinking in terms of a surprise for his dad and mom.
Patience, is a virtue, Love Dad

Alan said...

Be careful, "electronics backpack" == "single point of failure".