Sunday, June 15, 2008

Editorial Note #3

I’m sorry that pictures have been slow in forthcoming. Unfortunately, the posting of pictures from via the ship’s Internet access is fairly painful. I have a new plan, which I’ll try out with pictures from tonight and Malaga. Failing that, they will be limited or nonexistent until we’re back in London or home.

Also, I know based on the comments that some of you are not immediate friends and family but are nonetheless tracking our journey because you either have an interest in this or a subsequent voyage aboard the Jade. To you, I say welcome! Also if there’s anything you’d like to know, please let me know about it via a comment. I’ll do my best to review / post about topics of interest to you. I’ll also answer further questions to the best of my abilities after we return from this voyage.

I hope everyone is finding these posts enjoyable and/or informative. If not, at least I’m amusing myself in writing them. :-)


Amy said...

My husband and I are going on the Jade July 13 - leaving out of Southampton too and have found your blog very helpful. I would like to know about your transportation while in London (underground vs tube), anything about the Jade that you think would be beneficial, and what time you actually debark (when the time comes – I don't want to rush your vacation!) so I can make arrangements for train back into London. Also how do you pack so light? I am having difficult time with that. Have a nice trip and thanks for all your insight.

Derek said...

My wife Fran and I are doing the same cruise leaving August 9th. We will miss Gibraltar unfortunately.
Sounds like you are enjoying the food. I hope there will be some left for us !!!!!!!
Have a great time.

Paul said...

Derek -- we'll try, but I make no promnises. ;-)