Thursday, June 26, 2008

Editorial Note #6

I will continue to post while we’re in London and will have a few summary posts online after we’re home. I’ll also continue to answer questions and will post our pictures – so the posts won’t stop immediately after the vacation.

For those of you on later NCL Jade (or otherwise) cruises, I’ve created a fairly comprehensive photo archive of the ship’s documents: menus, daily activity sheets, price lists, shore excursions, disembarkation information, etc. from the cruise that you might find helpful. I will make all of this available to you as electronic images.

I’d also be interested in hearing feedback about the blog: good, bad, or indifferent.


Mom and Dad said...

We do, indeed, have one comment on the blog: Wow!! It's been great traveling with our favorite people.

Derek said...

Thank you Paul. It's been a wonderful blog.

Amy said...

I have loved reading your blog and it has been "priceless" for me for planning our trip on the Jade in 2 weeks. Because of your blog, I have started my own blog and hope to post our adventure aboard the Jade too. Our ports of call are completely different that yours. However I feel more comfortable with some of my decisions I have made with transportation in some ports of call. All the info you provided about the ship has been great. Thanks again for all your insight and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my previous questions.

Jacqueline said...

Paul/Libby, it has was great reading about the adventures. I think I agree with Paul when he said cruising gives you the flavor of a place but not the whole meal. I'd be interested in hearing about the stops that were your favorite and which would you like to go back to for more exploring.

I think we have found a replacement for Rick Steves. Now if we could find a gig for Libby.


Debra Manning said...

You are a very gifted travel writer. I enjoyed all of your postings. The Trib needs your input.
I am proud to hear about your purse shopping savvy! Of course I think you needed to buy 2 purses if you saved 50% on each one!
Best wishes,
D Manning

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul and Libby for sharing your thoughts and insights. I originally came to this blog to find out about the ship (we're on the Jade in 8 weeks, London to Barcelona). However, I came away with something far more valuable... your insight into travel, specifically European cruising. This will be our first trip to every single country on our itinerary and we are going for the precise reason you mention - we want to do a quick "look see" for return trips (we already know we must return to Italy) and, being new to this, we do want someone else to do the arranging etc. Thanks again for taking the time during your vacation to help so many of us out here in the internet world. Simply wonderful blog...terrific!

Fellow (albeit) future Jade cruiser in NY!

tartanbonnets said...

been great being able to follow your cruise and picking up on all your tips .we feel a lot more confident about planning our own excursions ashore now.would be interested to hear an overview of the ship as we have read so many conflicting reports some of them not to good.