Saturday, July 12, 2008

Behold: Social Networking

I'm proud to note that others have used my blog as inspiration to start their own... whether travel-related (Dick) or family-related (Feik). Of course, these are folks who know me outside of the so-called blogosphere. Given that, it's somewhat amazing (philosophically speaking) to know that you've had an influence on a complete stranger's life (even in a small way). Thus, I was both pleased and bemused to come across this message posted on the Internet:

We are going on NCL's Jade on 7/13/08. We leave Friday for our vacation and I decided to blog our trip. Paul's blog was very helpful to me so I thought would give it a try. I also hope to make updates daily while we are on the ship. Here is my website:

Feel free to ask any questions about the ship or our trip in general. Enjoy.

Behold the power of social networking, I suppose...

I wish Amy and Brian a wonderful time aboard the NCL Jade!


Dick said...

Paul, not only did you inspire me to blog my Italian journey, but my blog inspire my cousin and his wife to blog their Baltic cruise. And now a friend of mine is in Europe with her family for 6 weeks on a home exchange (well two of them) and is blogging their travels too, although it is a private blog.

So, your influence is widespread.

Anonymous said...

Did you get to see the Second City show while on the Jade?

Paul said...

No, for some reason we never made it to a Second City show. I'm really not sure why, I did want to go. Perhaps, I was too busy blogging? :-)