Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Additional Literature: Now Available

Here's my last update of documents from the cruise...

- Shore Excursion Info / Price List
- Port Information (Provided in "NCL Shopping Guides")
- Misc Information (Fitness, Spa, Disembarkation, Internet Access, Etc.)

I hope / plan to start posting actual pictures of the ship and ports in the next day or two. Fortunately, the three day weekend should help get me caught up. Once those are posted, this blog (in terms of active updates) will sadly be coming to an end.

Hmm... I guess it's time to start planning the next big vacation, huh? :-)

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tartanbonnets said...

thanks for shareing your cruise with us and for all the usefull information afterwards .cant wait to go try it all out for ourselfs in august.we are a lot more confident about going it alone on shore excursions now.enjoy your next cruise to wherever it may be and we might catch another blog from you.